My Story

Welcome to Stephen’s Guide to Life.

I’ve began a journey of self care and discovery around 3 years ago. This blogs mission will be to inspire and serve those who are feeling lost in life, just as I was.

About 3 years ago, with no intention of altering the course of my life, I began an important journey. Feeling down and stressed, whilst working 10 hour days on a remote job site, I felt a curious draw towards Meditation for the first time. But by no means was this an “enlightening moment”.

Challenging philosophical questions that have perplexed humans for thousands of years have always interested me. Meditation was partially responsible for bringing this curiosity back to life. Little did I know, Meditation was also one of the first steps in a long road of finding my own happiness that I had been longing for.

Since then, I have tried just about every “self-care” technique in the book. The trials and tribulations of practicing self care have helped me understand who I am and what I want out of this wild crazy thing we call Life.

As my journey continues, I want to share it in an effort to bring people along with me. I want to meet and collaborate with people who are on a similar journey. I want to take people upwards from their rock bottom because trust me when I say this, it’s worth it. Life is actually beautiful. Your barriers can be broken, and I am living proof of that… look at this picture for proof 😅

Here’s my story

I’m Stephen Nash, a 31 year old “now hippie type” dude, “born and bred” in Newfoundland, Canada. My and Mom and Dad settled on 3 kids and I was the lucky middle child (1 older brother and 1 younger sister). My hometown of “Branch” had about 200 people, so I was fortunate to have been brought up in a small town fashion. Conveniently, Branch is about 1.5 hrs from the capital city of St. John’s where I currently live.

At this moment, it kinda feels like I’ve lived two lives. Pre self discovery and post self discovery. Let’s talk “Pre”.

I chose what to study after high school with about 30 minutes of consideration one evening as I neared completing high school. I had a book for a local college that offered 3 year engineering technology programs. “Engineering”, I thought. “I like science and physics. 3 years is less than a 5 year engineering degree so that means I can start making money sooner”. As I scrolled through the book, “Electrical” sounded most interesting. and the rest was history. I was to spend the rest of my life as an Electrical Engineering Technologist.

Sounds pretty crazy right? I absolutely agree!

However, I don’t regret my past. It’s part of who am I am today. I’ve learned to be grateful for everything I’ve experienced. For me, it was the pain of not waking up happy every day that finally pushed me to look inward.